Buy With Us and get a 1% Rebate

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How Our Rebate Works: For houses listed at 2% or more Buyer's agent commission, we offer a full 1% of the purchase price back to you, the Buyer.

You get a cheque upon closing for 1% of the purchase price. It's really that simple - there are no gimmicks and no deductions.

This offer is not intended to breach any existing buyer representative agreement nor intended to solicit properties already listed for sale. This rebate offer of 1% (of the purchase price paid to the Co-operating Brokerage, One Percent Realty Ltd), is only available from this Salesperson and no other licensees in One Percent Realty Ltd or the brokerage itself. Rebate is subject to the commission funds being received by One Percent Realty Ltd. and being paid to the Salesperson who is personally responsible to pay the rebate. Buyers agent commission must be at least 2% or more for the Rebate to apply, otherwise, none will apply. The rebate does not apply to any properties listed for sale by One Percent Realty Ltd. Limited time offer subject to conditions.

Offer ends DECEMBER 31, 2023