Your Family Team of Realtors!

Sherri, Marg, and Graham are lifelong residents of Toronto, Burlington, and Niagara. As a family team of Realtors, we treat our clients with honesty, integrity, and put our client's interests first.

Sherri Van Sickle was One Percent Realty's first agent in Niagara, and has a wealth of experience dealing with negotiation, contracts, and closings. Many of our long-standing clients have worked with Sherri several times over, and appreciate her skill, candor, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Marg Van Sickle provides effective additional strength and flexibility to our team's capabilities. Having dealt with sales her entire life, Marg is super-friendly and honest. Marg handles many of our showings and other in-person tasks.

Graham Durrant (Broker), is a dual board member (Toronto and Hamilton-Burlington/Niagara) and works in both markets. Graham ensures that all of our clients get full exposure on both boards. A valuation and data specialist with an M.Sc. background, Graham handles most of our listing appointments and appraisals.

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